Monday, July 9, 2007

The Keepers of the Flame

The Candle Lantern Crematory Urn

" The Keepers of the Flame "

Using the pottery wheel, I throw large, pod-shaped vessels from white stoneware and then hand carve portal designs through the lantern walls. Using various symbol designs, such as the shapes of palm trees, dragonflies, Celtic, Gothic or Egyptian symbols, light emanantes through them. A removeable inner crematory chamber is lowered into the tailored base of the larger carved lantern. It's lid is fashioned to hold a candlestick or incense and may be sealed to securely contain the ashes of the deceased. ( A plastic liner may be used for this inner chamber.) Elegantly projecting the random beauty of nature, cndlelight flickers incandescent images on to darkened walls through the cut-out shapes. A utility light may be suggested as an alternate to a candle. This lends feautifully sharp images & shadowing in a darkened room or hallway. All lanterns have a hanging clear bulb and electrical cord. I prefer to use a 'pond fogger', which has L.E.D. lights that phase in and out of different color hues emanating through a cool temperate mist. Each globe may be displayed sitting or hanging, indoors or out. It makes a beautiful accent for an outdoor water garden. Each three-piece set is signed, dated and stamped. This combination vessel serves as a beautiful memorial, honoring a loved one and serves as an evocative reminder for those who remain behind- us, "The Keepers of the Flame" .

Kurt Bartley

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Some of my other artwork in clay and wood.

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